Apply to PharmD/MS in Clinical Research

How to apply

When applying to the Doctor of Pharmacy, submit a PharmD/MSCR supplemental application. If you have already submitted a supplemental but did not apply to the dual degree, simply submit the dual degree change form and send a written request to Emily Drake, admissions coordinator, at

1. Complete a PharmCAS application:

Complete PharmCAS application 

Submit the following directly to PharmCAS:

  • Official transcripts
  • PCAT scores if applicable (not required, but highly recommended for applicants below a 3.0 PharmCAS GPA) (PharmCAS code 104)
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation (at least one letter from a science professor and a pharmacist is strongly preferred)
  • PharmCAS deadline is June 1

2. Complete a free supplemental application and include a passport size photo

Domestic Students

Apply to Summer 2020 PharmD/MSCR

International Students

Please note that a student visa is not issued for the MSCR program. Students will attend classes within his/her home country during the first year of the PharmD/MSCR dual degree program. A student visa will be issued for students before the start of the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Apply to Summer 2020 PharmD/MSCR

Official college transcripts, PCAT scores (if applicable), and letters of recommendation will transfer over from PharmD application.

The MSCR program is a year-round program, entirely online, with applicants considered for admission in the Summer term. Individuals should submit their supplemental applications by the following deadline:

  • Summer Admission: March 31

Application deadline: All materials must be received by PharmCAS by March 1, but once PharmCAS is submitted, a dual degree may be added anytime prior to matriculation but before MSCR orientation.

Classes will be completely online for the first year as an MSCR student. Dual degree PharmD/MSCR students will begin the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum the following fall semester.