CPHS Student Relief Fund

The CPHS Student Relief Fund allows students the opportunity to apply for emergency financial assistance if they are experiencing an unanticipated and/or temporary hardship resulting from an emergency and/or crisis situation.

Eligible Recipients:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time CPHS student.
  • Have a demonstrated emergency financial need (student will be asked to submit evidence).
  • Student(s) must be in good academic standing, as determined by the University.

Applicants may only apply and receive funding once per academic year.

  Examples of Expenses Considered:

  • Emergency assistance with rent, alternate housing accommodations, utilities, food, and/or other essential household expenses
  • Emergency travel costs
  • Unanticipated medication(s)/costs related to medical care
  • Assistance with replacement of essential personal belongings due to fire, theft, and/or natural disaster
  • Any other expense that reflects an emergency need for a student, as deemed to be appropriate by the CPHS Student Relief Fund review group and in keeping with University policies and procedures

Application Process

Students who are in need of CPHS Student Relief Fund assistance may submit an application using the CPHS Student Services organization page on Blackboard. The CPHS Student Relief Fund review group will review the submitted application and determine the appropriate funding amount. Funds distributed do not generally exceed $500. The committee will review all applications and will consider request in excess of $500 for unique and unusual circumstances of emergency financial need. Applicants may be required to provide supporting information/documentation related to their application request.  

Disbursing of Funds

The committee reviews requests on a weekly basis. Approved CPHS Student Relief Fund applications will have funds disbursed directly to the source of the emergency request.   Receipts and/or invoice must be included in the initial application so that payment can be made.  The number of students who can be served by the CPHS Student Relief Fund is subject to the availability of funds.