Continuing Professional Education

Advancing patient care outcomes through quality continuing professional education.

The Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Office of Continuing Professional Education (CPHS CPE) provides current, valuable, evidence-based educational activities for pharmacists and technicians in diverse practice settings. CPHS CPE programming strives to incorporate active learning techniques to enhance the participant’s educational experience, while promoting the practice of pharmacy and interprofessional education.

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Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Office of Continuing Professional Education (CPHS CPE) is committed to advancing patient care outcomes by providing quality pharmacy continuing professional education.


The mission of the Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Office of Continuing Professional Education is to provide evidence-based CPE activities relevant to contemporary pharmacy practice for a diverse group of clients and partners to enhance the knowledge, skills, and practice acumen of a diverse group of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. CUCPHS Office of Continuing Professional Education’s primary focus is providing live, knowledge-based and application-based CPE activities that address identified education gaps for a varied group of partners ranging from independent community pharmacy practice to highly specialized clinical pharmacy practice.


  • Identify and address the educational needs of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians practicing in community pharmacies, oncology pharmacy, health systems and other groups.
  • Identify and deliver educational content of specific value to preceptors, pharmacy educators and pharmacy residents.
  • Provide educational content that will assist in navigating the ever-changing legal landscape of pharmacy practice.
  • To serve as a joint provider with other Campbell University Health Science entities to advance Interprofessional Education (IPE) initiatives for faculty and external partners.

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Yes. Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education since 1995.



In the state of North Carolina, pharmacists are required to have, at minimum, a total of fifteen (15) hours and five (5) of those hours are required LIVE.  The remainder of the hours may be Live or Correspondence. In addition, pharmacists may carry-over five hours per year from the previous renewal cycle. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please refer to the NCBOP website. For Board of Pharmacy continuing education requirements in other states please refer to the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) website

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Review instructions on our Credit Information PDF.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an approach to lifelong learning being discussed as a potential model for pharmacists in the United States. CPD does not replace continuing education (CE), but CE will be an essential component of CPD. Its purpose is to ensure that pharmacists maintain their knowledge, skills, and competencies to practice throughout their careers in their specific area of practice, to improve the pharmacist’s personal performance, and ultimately to improve patient and public health outcomes.


The three colleges of pharmacy in North Carolina have an agreement with the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy (NCBOP) to provide CE credit to pharmacists who precept student-pharmacists. To receive credit you must registered with a college of pharmacy as a preceptor. Pharmacists who precept one or more student-pharmacists will receive 5 hours of credit. These hours are recognized by the NCBOP only and are not ACPE accredited; therefore, there is no ACPE UPN assigned to preceptor credit hours. Please consult other boards of pharmacy before attempting to use these hours for credit in other states.

You can log in and get a copy of your transcript at, click on “My Transcript” or contact Samantha Clinton, assistant director of continuing professional education, at (910) 814-4784 or

How to Apply for ACPE Credit for your CE Activity

CPE accredited providers may collaborate on content development with ACPE and/or non-ACPE accredited providers. When they enter into this relationship it is called Joint Providership. ACPE expects all CPE activities to be in compliance with the Accreditation Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education and the ACPE Policies and Procedures. It is the accredited provider’s responsibility to demonstrate to ACPE compliance through written documentation. The Campbell University CPHS Office of Continuing Professional Education accredits programming for health system, interprofessional groups, society, community, individual, and residency programs.

Application for Joint Providership of Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Credits

In order to apply for CE credit, applicants must submit these two forms found in the links immediately below:

  1. Application for Joint Providership of Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Credits
  2. Activity Financial Relationship Disclosure Form. A separate form must be completed by each planner/speaker in a position to control the content of an educational activity. Each must disclose all financial relationships with any ineligible company in the past 24 months. If you refuse to disclose all financial relationships, you will be disqualified from being a part of the planning and implementation of a CPE activity.

The CPHS Office of Continuing Professional Education is committed to ensuring that accredited continuing education is fair and unbiased. We enforce ACPE’s guidance on the types of organizations we can and cannot partner with. If you have questions about partnering to provide continuing education, please contact our Office at

ACPE defines eligible organizations as: those whose mission and function are: (1) providing clinical services directly to patients; or (2) the education of healthcare professionals; or (3) serving as fiduciary to patients, the public, or population health; and other organizations that are not otherwise ineligible. 

ACPE defines ineligible organizations as: those whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing healthcare products used by or on patients. 

Please see table below for examples. 



Ambulatory procedure centers

Advertising, marketing, or communication firms whose clients are ineligible companies

Blood banks

Bio-medical startups that have begun a governmental regulatory approval process

Diagnostic labs that do not sell proprietary products

Compounding pharmacies that manufacture proprietary compounds

Electronic health record companies

Device manufacturers or distributors

Government or military agencies

Diagnostic labs that sell proprietary products

Group medical practices

Growers, distributors, manufacturers or sellers of medical foods and dietary supplements

Health law firms

Manufacturers of health-related wearable products

Health profession membership organizations

Pharmaceutical companies or distributors

Hospitals or healthcare delivery systems

Pharmacy benefit managers

Infusion centers

Reagent manufacturers or sellers

Insurance or managed care companies


Nursing homes


Pharmacies that do not manufacture proprietary compounds


Publishing or education companies


Rehabilitation centers


Schools of medicine or health science universities


Software or game developers



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