Mission & Purpose

Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences is dedicated to the growth and development of our students, their achievements and educational outcomes. Our mission is to educate students in a Christian environment to be healthcare professionals who will function effectively as a part of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers to meet existing and future healthcare needs and who will provide leadership to their profession and professional organizations. It is with this mission in mind that we are initiating a program of continued assessment in our school.

Program assessment is meant to assess an entire program, its students, curriculum and the processes surrounding the program. Our goal is to design a program to provide continuous improvement in academic processes through the utilization of meaningful data. These data will serve as the foundation for our assessment plan as it is developed, implemented and revised through a circular 5-Step communications process:

  1. Design: Design the process/unit of measurement based on desired outcome and determine the frequency of assessment.
  2. Evaluate: Do the assessment process and record the results
  3. Disseminate: Share results with key individuals/decision makers.
  4. Review: Results should be analyzed; decide to make changes in program or maintain program; if there are changes, suggest a plan of action.
  5. Act: Implement change and reassess or if no changes are necessary, start over with continuous assessment.

The circular process will enable us to cultivate an ongoing culture of overall program assessment.