Wellness Institute

The delivery of health care continues to undergo constant change. For a number of years, many leaders in medicine have been promoting a paradigm shift from treatment to prevention. As this redirection takes place, it has become more imperative that each individual receives education about, and participates in, his or her health care.

Through a gift from Dr. Joseph Baggett, Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (CPHS) took a step in addressing health awareness in the local area through establishing the Wellness Institute. The primary goal of the Institute is to better educate consumers regarding health issues and inspire health care providers to encourage patients to be more proactive in their health care.

It is fitting that Dr. Baggett established a fund to support the Wellness Institute at Campbell University as his father, Professor John Robert Baggett, taught at Buies Creek Academy.

The Institute supports the following initiatives:

Community Outreach

Health Fairs and Screenings

Since 1992, the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences has hosted an annual health fair for the Campbell University campus and local community. This initiative has expanded to consumer health fairs in Harnett, Cumberland, Wake, Sampson, Johnston, and Lee counties.

The primary objectives of these health fairs are to:

  • Increase the amount of health information available to residents in the surrounding area
  • Promote a healthier lifestyle among citizens in surrounding counties
  • Increase accessibility of local health care providers
  • Encourage the community to be more proactive in their health care

Health & Wellness Presentations

Many faculty and students at the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences enjoy discussing current health and wellness issues with the public. Whether it is for a local senior center, community service organization or business conference, we can tailor a presentation to the needs of the sponsoring organization.

Diabetes Education

We welcome the opportunity to provide diabetes education for groups composed of diabetic patients.

The Institute currently provides this service for:

  • Harnett County Diabetes Self-Management Education program
  • Better Life Diabetes Support Group in Benson, NC

To schedule a community outreach function, please contact Dr. Trotta, trotta@campbell.edu.

Health Care Professionals Continuing Education

An important component of the Wellness Institute is the continuing education of health care professionals. The Wellness institute hosts an Annual Dr. Joseph W. Baggett Healthcare Enhancement Seminar that provides current information to health care providers in our community. This program focuses on wellness and prevention topics and is held yearly in the fall.

For information on the next seminar, contact pharmCE@campbell.edu.

Diabetes Care Project

Several years ago the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (CPHS) initiated a Diabetes Care Project for Campbell University employees, and their dependents. The program is patterned after a successful project conducted for a major employer in Asheville, N.C., which resulted in better control of the employees’ diabetes, fewer hospitalizations and sick days, and a reduction in health care costs for the employer. This was accomplished because each participant was linked to a specially trained clinical pharmacist who took responsibility for improving the participant’s care.

The Institute’s objective through the Diabetes Care Project is to improve the health outcomes of Campbell University employees and their dependents with diabetes, and to reduce the University’s health benefit costs related to this disease. Campbell University will provide this program for qualifying health plan members, utilizing the services of select CPHS faculty.

Each enrollee meets with a faculty pharmacist on a monthly or as-needed basis. A key feature of the project is that the co-pay for each diabetes-related prescription obtained while enrolled in the program is waived. If you are a Campbell University employee or dependent with diabetes, contact Dr. Trotta to see if you qualify to participate.


Katie Trotta, PharmD
Director, Wellness Institute
Phone: 910-893-1810
Email: trotta@campbell.edu

“The Wellness Institute has the potential to have a tremendous impact on Campbell University, its College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, and the health care providers and consumers in our region. Dr. Joseph Baggett was acclaimed for his treatment and healing of patients as a physician in Fayetteville. Now we recognize him for his commitment to a new calling: the prevention of disease. I thank Dr. Baggett for his insight regarding the need for this Wellness Institute.”

Michael L. Adams, PharmD, PhD
Dean, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences