PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The MS in pharmaceutical sciences curriculum alone is two years and the PharmD curriculum alone is four years. The PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences dual degree program allows several courses to count in both programs so that both degrees can be completed in five years, while others may finish their degree one year after receiving their PharmD degree. Please note that each student’s curriculum will be different based on previous educational experience and the track chosen.

Apply to the PharmD/MSPS Program



Students interested in pursuing the dual degree must gain acceptance into both programs. Applicants must complete all requirements for both programs to qualify for the PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

PharmD Requirements MSPS Requirements View the Curriculum

The dual degree program is open to accepted and enrolled pharmacy students. Interested pharmacy students must complete a separate application.

GRE scores will be waived for students who have a letter of acceptance from the PharmD program. Official college transcripts, PCAT scores, and letters of recommendation will transfer over from the PharmD application.