Students interested in pursuing the PharmD/MBA dual degree must gain acceptance into both programs. To start, the applicant must apply to the PharmD program.

Apply to the PharmD/MBA ProgramView PharmD Requirements

Upon acceptance into the PharmD program, the applicant submits an application to the MBA program and a written request to forward his or her PharmD application to the business school. This request must be sent by email to Chase Green, pharmacy admissions coordinator, at

Students are not required to take the GMAT, the PCAT score will be considered in lieu of the GMAT score. The MBA degree will not be conferred until the PharmD requirements are completed.

Application Deadlines

All PharmD materials must be received by June 1 and all MBA materials must be received by July 20.


The following is a list of undergraduate prerequisites for the MBA program:

Course Credit Hours
Accounting 3
Economics 3
Statistics 3

Applicants who have not had all or most of the undergraduate business prerequisites may satisfy these requirements via pre-approved online courses. For more information, please contact the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business Graduate Admissions Office at 910.814.4308, or via email at