The PA program is committed to selecting applicants who have demonstrated academic success and dedication to patient care. In order to be an asset to the physician assistant profession, candidates should also possess integrity, compassion, empathy, flexibility, and the ability to multitask.

The goals of the admissions process are:

  • To understand each applicant as a whole person;
  • To evaluate the applicant’s potential for success in the PA program;
  • To assess the candidate’s commitment and aptitude as a future physician assistant.

What we look for in an applicant:

The Campbell PA Program practices a holistic admissions process which is mission-driven and values-based. Application reviews are conducted in a non-biased, consistent manner with consideration given to each applicant’s passion, performance, and potential. Campbell PA evaluates academic performance measures, including overall, science, and prerequisites GPA, GRE scores, and GPA of relevant graduate coursework. Mission fit is a high priority and is evaluated through essays, service activities, and interview questions. Campbell PA values diversity in the broadest sense and strives to recruit a diverse student body. Matriculating applicants from diverse backgrounds within each cohort, which in turn contributes to the diversity of providers as well as the PA profession, is also a priority. The following list identifies additional qualities considered in the application review process:

  • Campbell University graduate
  • First-generation college student
  • From a Medically Underserved Area
  • Military service (veteran or active, including reserves)
  • Volunteer service hours
  • Life and health care experiences
  • Evidence of dedication to the PA profession

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Technical Standards for Admission

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