Policies & Procedures

 The Campbell University discrimination and harassment policy can be found here:  https://www.campbell.edu/policies/discrimination-and-harassment/

  • Outside employment during the didactic or clinical phases of the PA program is strongly discouraged.
  • Any work undertaken outside of the program is not covered by the student malpractice insurance policy.
  • Required program activities cannot be altered by outside activities. Outside obligations cannot interfere or impede class attendance or completion of assignments of program requirements.
  • Students are not permitted to perform any clerical, administrative, or physical work for the PA program or be employed as a graduate assistant.
  • Students must not substitute for faculty or staff by performing any administrative, clerical, or clinical duties while on clinical rotations.
  • If you choose to be seen as a patient at the Campbell University Student Health Center, identify yourself as a PA student
  • PA faculty occasionally practice at the health center
  • PA students may not be treated by PA faculty for health concerns, unless it is an emergency
  • Students must not discuss personal health problems with faculty or ask for advice
  • If health concerns affect school performance, students should address this with their faculty advisor or the program director

The college’s incident reporting policy can be found in the CPHS Academic Bulletin (https://assets.campbell.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2022/07/CPHS-Academic-Bulletin-2022-2023_FINAL-1.pdf), in the General Information, Policies & Procedures section.

Campbell University Physician Assistant students are not required to provide or solicit their own clinical sites. Clinical site development is not required of students.  The Program maintains an active inventory of clinical sites that are vetted for supervised clinical practice experiences.  However, PA students interested in making a connection with a new clinical site should first speak with the program Director of Clinical Partnerships.


Note: The Campbell University Physician Assistant (PA) program is required, by affiliated health care institutions that provide clinical educational rotations at their institutions, to provide certain personal student information.  The release of information is required to permit students to receive clinical training at each institution in compliance with state and federal law.

It is therefore necessary for students to grant the PA program a Release of Information to affiliated institutions as necessary to participate in clinical rotations.  This information includes a copy of the immunization record, TB test results and/or chest x-ray results, drug screening results, and criminal background check information as required by each clinical institution and waive any rights regarding the release of said information under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 USC 1232g, et seq.).