Physical Therapy Scholarships & Aid

Campbell University Scholarships

In addition to the specific requirements for the Annual Awards, each Physical Therapy program student must meet or exceed any other criteria established by the College’s Scholarship Committees for scholarships awarded from these funds, criteria including but not limited to financial need, academic performance, good conduct, good citizenship, and community service.

Annual & Endowed Scholarships

View DPT Annual & Endowed Scholarships
  • Annual scholarships are funded by generous donations made each year to our students.
  • Endowed scholarships are funded by donations over a long period of time that have formed into a scholarship that will be available for students every year.


Additional Financial Assistance

The American Physical Therapy Association has put together a list scholarships, awards and grants available to DPT students. Visit their website to see if you are eligible.

“Sometimes I find that a simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t convey the appropriate amount of appreciation that I have towards the donor of my scholarship because so often it is just a routine task to say thanks. Instead, I decided to strategically place the money towards something other than my student loans. I paid my way to a weekend exercise conference in Washington D.C. that I will attend during the month of October. I will have three days of learning new exercises to add to my toolbox of treatments for my patients. In addition to the conference, I also paid to take a course to become certified in weight management. This appealed to me as weight management is a common problem with many individuals whom I will encounter on a daily basis. In addition to saying ‘thank you’, I wanted to show my donor what door the funding opened for me personally.”

– Lauren Avery, Physical Therapy Student, Class of 2016