PharmD Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Plan, and Programmatic Outcomes


The Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Doctor of Pharmacy Program will develop servant leaders in a Christian environment who will advance the profession of pharmacy by improving the lives of others through innovative practice, education, research, and service as part of an interprofessional health care team.


We are leaders in pharmacy education and practice who embrace continuous learning and innovation while exercising compassion for the diverse communities that we serve.


Team, Innovation, Communication, Inquiry, Respect

Strategic Plan

Campbell University PharmD Program Strategic Plan

Programmatic Outcomes

The Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences has two program goals for our doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum.  Upon completion of the program and entry into the profession, graduates will be able to:

  • Provide high quality, inclusive evidence-based, patient-centered care in cooperation with patients, prescribers and members of the interprofessional health care team; PLO 1, PLO 2, PLO 4, PLO 6
  • Model continual personal and professional growth and an ability to adapt to new learning experiences, roles and the changes in the practice of pharmacy; PLO 5, PLO 7, PLO 3

Final Product

  • PLO 1: Develop and integrate knowledge across foundational sciences.
  • PLO 2:  Apply foundational science knowledge in patient-centered and population-based environments.
  • PLO 3: Articulate the evolving role of pharmacists as: caregivers, educators, managers, promoters, and providers as a member of an interprofessional healthcare team.
  • PLO 4:  Design, implement, and document interventions for patients and populations based on assessed needs.
  • PLO 5: Adapt and apply assessment, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to solve complex issues.
  • PLO 6:  Demonstrate inclusive considerations for others (patients, fellow providers, and populations) in approach to practice and care.
  • PLO 7: Develop an informed plan for professional trajectory, development, growth, and lifelong learning.