MS in Public Health

This page focuses on the application for the Master of Science in Public Health program as a non-dual degree student. If you are interested in applying to an MSPH dual degree program, view the Dual Degree options.

Application Process – Domestic Students

Domestic applicants are encouraged to submit their completed SOPHAS application by July 15 for Fall admission and Nov. 15 for Spring admission.

  1. Complete the SOPHAS application with required supporting documents.
  2. Attach and submit all unofficial college transcripts.
  3. GRE scores may be submitted, but this is optional (Institution code: 4575, Department code: 0613).
  4. If a student meets the requirements for admission, the student will be contacted for a virtual interview (in-person interviews are available by request only).

SOPHAS Application

Application Process – International Students

International Applicants must submit the completed SOPHAS application and all supporting documents no later than April 1 for Fall admission and October 1 for Spring admission.

  1. Complete the SOPHAS application online application with all supporting documents except unofficial transcripts.
    1. Select “Canadian or other foreign institutions” under University.
  2. GRE scores may be submitted, but this is optional (Institution code: 4575, Department code: 0613)
  3. International students who meet the requirements for admission will be contacted for a virtual interview. At that time, the following documents will be requested:

    1. Unofficial TOEFL or IELTS scores (Institution code: 5100, Department code: 99)
    2. Current copy of immigration documents:
      1. If seeking Student Visa: passport & photo
      2. If applying from another U.S. institution: passport, photo, Visa clearance form, I-94, current Visa, and current I-20.
    3. Current bank statement showing liquid assets of $40,000. If using a bank loan to fund the program, contact for instructions.
    4. Course-by-course foreign transcript translation report directly to CPHS Admissions at  You may use:
      • World Education Services (WES)
      • International Education Research Foundation (IERF)
      • Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)
      • Education Evaluators International (EDUCEI)
      • Foreign Credentials Service of America
      • Center for Education Documentation (CED)
      • International Education Evaluations (IEE) 
SOPHAS Application

Once accepted, all OFFICIAL transcripts and test scores (if applicable) must be sent to:
Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Attention: MSPH Program
Post Office Box 1090
Buies Creek, NC 27506
…or electronically to

Clearance & I-20 Process for International Students

  1. Submit online application and supporting documents.
  2. Receive invitation for an interview.
  3. Evaluation by admissions committee.
  4. If approved by admissions committee, the application and proof of financial support (if submitted and dated before Feb. 15) are sent to the International Admissions Office for clearance.
    • The bank statement showing $40,000 USD in liquid funds is proof of funds, independent of scholarships, to cover one year’s tuition, fees, books, and living expenses.
    • If dependents will be issued a visa, additional funds will be required by the International Admissions Office.
    • These documents need to be certified, include the student’s name, sponsors’ names, relationship to student, amount of funds in USD.
    • Accepted formats: bank statement, notarized/certified letter.
  5. Once approved, official acceptance letter is sent.
  6. Seat deposit ($250) is required within two weeks of receiving official acceptance letter
  7. Updated and final proof of financial support showing $37,000 USD in liquid funds dated no earlier than Feb 15 is required to issue I-20 (if initial proof of financial support is dated after Feb 15, no additional document is needed)
  8. Within 90 days of the program start date (mid-May), I-20 is sent electronically for review and physical address confirmation.
  9. Once address is confirmed, I-20 is mailed or emailed to the accepted student based on current U.S. immigrations guidelines.