Program Philosophy

The faculty of Campbell University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program philosophy develops graduates ready to practice independently as part of a comprehensive inter-professional healthcare team. Our educational foundation is broad and focuses on understanding disease processes across the lifespan with acquisition of contemporary examination/evaluation skills and interventions. Inter-professional learning experiences provided throughout the program are designed to integrate profession specific knowledge with other healthcare members that will prepare graduates for real world situations and changes in healthcare delivery. Graduates are effective teachers and lifelong learners.

Value Statements

  • We believe every person has a right to knowledge and access to preventive, restorative, and maintenance of health services.
  • We believe in a public/private partnership founded on the principles of inter-professional cooperation at all levels.
  • We believe that physical therapy will play a critical role in new healthcare delivery environment through direct access, preventive services, and the integration of healthcare services.
  • We believe the physical therapist is an autonomous, independent practitioner who can think critically, integrate evidence into clinical practice, advocate, and communicate effectively with patients and providers.
  • We believe in an administration that has a vision for the changing healthcare model, and is open and supportive of the faculty and provides resources and support to meet the stated program goals, philosophy, vision, and mission.
  • We believe in an open, engaging and diverse faculty qualified to deliver the unique curriculum through evidence supported pedagogy, interactive learning, collaborative efforts, and models professional behaviors, skills, and service.
  • We believe in a qualified learner that is open, inquisitive, and desires to participate in an active, changing academic and healthcare environment.
  • We believe in educational delivery that encompasses a variety of learning styles
  • We believe in a learning environment that encourages inquiry, critical thinking, and interactions within and between healthcare professions in both service and clinical internships in a variety of settings.
  • We believe our graduates will possess the skills, knowledge, and professional attributes to provide competent, compassionate, ethical, and patient centered care to serve all sectors of society. Graduates will value inquiry and integration of evidence into clinical practice, function as part of a team, advocate for patient and profession, and promote advancement of physical therapy to benefit communities.
  • We believe our graduates will uphold life-long professional engagement.