The Graduate Clinical Research Organization (GCRO)

The Graduate Clinical Research Organization (GCRO) was established with the primary objective of instituting and maintaining open lines of communication between the Clinical Research master’s degree (MSCR) students and the university administration in Buies Creek.

Today, the board consists of eleven student members, many of whom hold full-time positions with pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) in the Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC. In addition, students from the PharmD program are represented as dual MSCR/PharmD members. The GCRO serves as a liaison for the clinical research students and meets with members of the administration to discuss issues facing the students. The GCRO also works with the faculty and administration to provide programs for all clinical research students; and, to provide community service locally and abroad.

For further information regarding the CGRO, please contact Charles A. Carter at 910-893-1150 or