Current Projects

The following is a list of projects currently underway in the Advanced Interdisciplinary Movement Science (AIMS) Laboratory:

  1. Evaluation of kinematics during landing and jumping.
    Team: Jennifer Bunn, John Manor, Alex Carnall, Andrew Carter
  2. Validation of the VERT as a measure of vertical jump performance.
    Team: Richard Bohannon, Jennifer Bunn, John Manor, Logan Dean
  3. Generic abilities assessment by age and sex.
    Team: Catherine Noonan, Heidi Shearin, Jennifer Bunn
  4. The prone bridge test: Performance, validity, reliability, among older and younger adults.
    Richard Bohannon, Michal Steffl, Susan Glenney, Leah Cashwell, Jennifer Bunn
  5. Mapping patient-specific functional scale with ICF model in Parkinson’s patients.
    Team: Richard Bohannon, Austin Beard, Andrew Yost
  6. Effectiveness of the Total Range Exerciser in total knee arthroplasty patients for range of motion, strength, and function.
    Team: Jennifer Bunn, Brad Myers, Frank Tudini, John Manor
  7. Heart rate recovery and the role of lifestyle activity, fitness, and body composition.
    Team: Jennifer Bunn, Elizabeth Wells, John Manor